Professional Tattoo Kits Review

Hi everyone, wanted to take a moment and now go over the ridiculous amount of professional tattoo machine kits available online.  Yes, there are so many from cheap Chinese plated junk (no quality control), to solid framed rotary guns that won’t break the bank when starting out in the tattoo business.

***Popular cheap professional tattoo kits you might recognize…Hildbrandt, Solong, Inkstar***

Before we get into it, it’s important to understand that tattoo kits are not supposed to be a one and done solution for a lifetime of tattooing.  These kits in a sense are all entry-level; whether considered professional or beginner’s kits, but they get you into the needle skin game at a fraction of the price of putting the individual pieces together.  Ultimately, if you find you are becoming an expert at tattooing and want to grow a business, then that’s the time to expand.  Until then, take a look at all the kits out there and read the user reviews (see my Starter Kit review) and pull the trigger on either your next long-term career or hobby.

Why start off with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in equipment when you have not totally committed???

So lets get into the basics…

Top notch, kick ass, professional tattoo kits provide all the essentials for achieving professional tattoo art with the most economical price. (Infomercial huh.. yeah I know!)  The tattoo machines included in many of these kits feature high grade poles and coils, with highly flexible spring sheets that ensure an incredibly stable performance. The kits also include a power supply that is reliable and longer lasting, along with tattoo needles, tips, grips, and many other accessories that would otherwise come at a high cost when purchasing separately.  Your range for these more professional kits start from under $50 up to less than $200 for a high quality Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit that comes as a complete training system (see below).

Un-Boxing Review of InkStar Ace Kit


  • Hildbrandt .44 Magnum 8 wrap liner, .38 Calibre 10 wrap shader, Beretta Rotary Shader and Silencer Rotary Linertattoo-gun-kits
  • Hildbrandt Afterlife dual machine digital power supply (features session time, duty cycle, multiple liner/shader settings and more…) with 2 clip cords, foot pedal, Basic fundamentals of Modern Tattoo Textbook, Hildbrandt Training DVD, Tattoo Crash Course 101, Exclusive membership to Teach Me to Tattoo Website and 7% Hildbrandt VIP Membership Cardprofessional-tattoo-kits-uk
  • Tattoo Supplies – latex gloves, o rings pack, step bushings, rubber bands, Spanner tuning key set, practice skin and transfer paper
  • 50 Hildbrandt professional needles in sets of 10 different needle groupings, 3 aluminum grips and a set of sterilized disposable tubes with 1″ grip that correspond to needles
  • Radiant Colors made in USA 7 color ink set, ink cups pack x 2 sizes, autoclave able stainless steel ink cup holder and convention carrying caseprofessional-tattoo-kit-supplies

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but sometimes money well spent for a little better product is the way to go when dealing with such low price points. Especially if you are looking at a quality name like Hildbrandt, which is made by our Canadian neighbors.  Just don’t expect it to come with waffles and a bottle of maple syrup… eh!

If you prefer, you can take a look at the Inkstar or Solong brand, which also offer good value.  Either way, you get to try something new and exciting, and just perhaps… follow the dream you never thought you could.  Enjoy your search for that perfect kit and I hope it serves you well as you browse the inventory.


Keep on carving,

V. Swain


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