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Tattoo Supplies World is the home of getting quality tattoo kits in your hands to join this tremendous industry of incredibly talented artists. Whether you are looking for tattoo starter kits, professional tattoo machine kits, or henna starter kits… we’ve got the best content dedicated to the KITS ONLY market.  We scour the web looking for the best deals, which many times includes free delivery and huge discounts off the retail prices!

Whether your just beginning your career as a tattoo artist or a professional with a brick and mortar location, we have what you need to keep your business going.  These kits are great for apprenticeship, as many come with a package that can allow you to start right away.

None of the gear found on our site is either manufactured or sold by us directly; however, we do receive a small commission for the many different items we sell.

We’re constantly posting awesome new gear all the time, so be sure to check back regularly, and we’ll let you get back to carving up the next tenderfoot!  Thank you in advance for choosing us as your tattoo kit provider.

All the best,

V. Swain